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Thai Sweets

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ขนมตะโก้ kà-nŏm dtà-gôh

Jasmine scented coconut pudding set in cups of fragrant pandan leaf.

ข้าวเหนียวสังขยา kâao nĭeow săng-kà-yăa

Sticky rice served with an egg and coconut custard (coconut jam).

ข้าวต้มมัดไส้กล้วย kâao dtôm mát sâi glûay

The dish is made by wrapping sweet banana and sticky rice inside a banana leaf and then steaming it. The banana takes on a pink colour after steaming.

เฉาก๊วย chăo-gúay

Grass jelly is made from a herb from the mint family. It is often served with only shaved ice and brown sugar.

ดาราทอง:ทองเอก daa-raa tong

Dara thong or thong ek krachang (ทองเอกกระจัง) is a golden dough ball made from wheat flour, egg yolks, coconut milk and sugar, topped with a little piece of gold leaf, and decorated with sugar-coated, dry-fried watermelon seeds. Nowadays, it is often wrongly referred to as cha mongkut (จ่ามงกุฎ... more

ฝอยทอง fŏi tong

The name translates to "golden threads", it is a sweet snack or dessert of strings of egg yolk shortly boiled in sugar syrup. This, and other egg-based sweets such as sangkhaya, were introduced to the royal court of Ayutthaya by Maria Guyomar de Pinha in the 17th century CE.

ขนมบัวลอย kà-nŏm bua loi

Taro root mixed with flour into balls and served in coconut milk.

ขนมชั้น kà-nŏm chán

A multi-colored pudding of layers of sticky rice flour and tapioca flour mixed with coconut milk and sugar. Each layer will be differently scented (pandan, jasmine and more). It is similar to the Indonesian, Malaysian and Singaporean kueh lapis.


Small muffins. The main ingredients are duck eggs, sugar and wheat flour. No butter, milk or yeast. No preservatives. The little cakes are topped with raisins, gourds dipped in syrup, and persimmon.

ขนมครก kà-nŏm krók

Small coconut hotcakes with different fillings. These are made on a special cast-iron pan with indentations. Two halves are eventually stuck to one another to form the finished mini-pancake.

ขนมหม้อแกง kà-nŏm môr gaeng

A sweet baked pudding containing coconut milk, eggs, palm sugar and flour, sprinkled with sweet fried onions.

ขนมเปียกปูน kà-nŏm bpìak bpoon

The unique smoky flavor and the deep black color comes from coconut ash. It is made from a mix of sticky rice flour and tapioca flour, together with coconut milk and sugar.

ขนมตาล kà-nŏm dtaan

Palm flavoured mini cake with shredded coconut on top.

ขนมถ้วยตะไล kà-nŏm tûay dtà-lai

Steamed sweet coconut jelly and cream.

ขนมต้ม kà-nŏm dtôm

These sweets are made by boiling balls of dough made from glutinous rice powder, coconut cream, grated coconut, sugar and flavourings, and then covering them with more grated coconut.

ขนมวุ้น kà-nŏm wún

These are desserts made with an agar gelatine. The colours represent different flavours.

ข้าวเหนียวมะม่วง kâao nĭeow má-mûang

Sticky rice cooked in sweetened thick coconut milk, served with slices of ripe mango.

กล้วยทอด glûay tôt

Deep-fried bananas in a light batter

กระยาสารท grà-yaa-sàat

Wafers or chunks of rice candy with beans and sesame. Often prepared as an offering to the monks

ลอดช่องน้ำกะทิ lôt chông nám gà-tí

Pandan-flavoured rice flour noodles in sweetened coconut milk, similar to the Indonesian cendol.

มะม่วงดอง má-mûang dong

Pickled green mango is often eaten as a (semi-)sweet snack.

โรตีกล้วยไข่ roh-dtee glûay kài

Sliced banana and a beaten egg are fried inside a thin sheet of dough, then cut and served with sweetened condensed milk and/or sugar.

โรตีสายไหม roh-dtee săai măi

An extremely sweet kind of candy floss/cotton candy which is wrapped inside small, thin pancakes.


A chilled sweet snack/dessert with a mix of ingredients, such as sweetened chestnuts, jackfruit, lotus root, tapioca, and lot chong, in sweetened coconut milk.


Steamed pumpkin with an egg-and-coconut custard filling, similar to the coconut jam from Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines.

สาคูถั่วดำ săa koo tùa dam

Tapioca pearls and black beans (one of the vigna cultivars) with sweetened coconut milk and the flesh of a young coconut.


The Thai version of the Portuguese pastel de nata.

สาคูไส้หมู săa koo sâi mŏo

In Thailand tapioca balls with pork filling are call sakhu sai mu. Sakhu sai mu is a kind of snack which is very famous in Thailand and found at street stalls and markets. It is a dumpling which consists of a flour ball with a pork filling. Most people in Thailand eat it with khao kriap pak mo... more

ทองหยิบ tong yìp

Thong yip is, like foi thong, made from egg yolks. The difference is that instead of being thread-like, thong yip are shaped like flowers.